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Regular Employment:

  1. Maintenance Manager and Projects Coordinator

    Creative thinker with grounded technical skills. Enjoys a new challenge everyday. If you are interested in being a part of a new innovative industry on the cutting edge of food production technology, Bioshelters is the place for you. Interest in Aquaculture and alternative farming is desired. Interest in new energy conservation technology and bio-fuels also a plus.

    Necessary Skills:
    PVC plumbing, standard pipe fitting, basis electrical and wiring experience up to and including 3 phase power and motor starters, their control circuits and frequency drives. Basic carpentry skills and ability to work from drawings, as well as a full knowledge motors and pumps. Light auto and truck servicing is desired. Skills to implement a cohesive management of spare parts inventory and regular maintenance schedules on the physical plant and machinery are a must.

    Desired additional attributes: Experience with PLC control systems and programming Latter Logic based control systems, CAD/Drafting experience and a very good sense of humor.

    Management Skills: Ability to interview, hire and terminate employees when it serves the company. The experience to build a strong team and keep a staff of 2 to 4 employees engaged and on schedule. Familiarity of managing many projects on tight budget is necessary. The ability to recognize when to out-source projects and the ability to research the right resource.

    Administrative: Working with the Business Manager and Operation Manager to build a new type of industry. Purchasing, scheduling and managing a budget for your department.

  2. Greenhouse

    Full time openings working with our hydroponics and aquaculture production team. We are seeking strong assistants who will work closely with supervisors while following procedures and learning all aspects of how production works. Must be willing to learn about both plant culture and fish culture while performing daily chores. Physical labor required, some potential for advancement within the company. Must be available daily from 7:00 am - 3:30pm. Fax resume to 413-549-9945 or email to jobs@bioshelters.com. No calls or visits please.

  3. Truck Driver

    Truck driver needed, CDL license a plus but not necessary. Duties include making deliveries of live fish and produce to Boston. Must load and unload product, maintain cleanliness of vehicle inside and out. Must have capabilities of representing the company in a positive way. Knowledge of routine maintenance on large vehicles is desired. Full time with benefits. Salary commensurate with experience. Fax resume to 413-549-9945 or email to jobs@bioshelters.com. No calls or visits please.



Internship Program

Description of Business:
Bioshelters, Inc. (BSI) is a commercial aquaponics facility located at 500 Sunderland Rd. in Amherst, MA. BSI commercial propagates fish and plants in a 400,000 square foot integrated recirculating system within a greenhouse. BSI is seeking a student with an interest in water quality testing, constructed wetlands design and operations, fish breeding and culturing, and alternative crop research for aquaponics. This is a unique opportunity for students to learn hands-on skills.

  1. Intern Description: Water Quality Testing and Analyzing
    BSI is seeking a student interested in hands-on learning of water quality testing methods and analyzing. The student will be responsible for assisting BSI staff in daily water quality monitoring of production system, data recording, and data analysis. BSI staff will supervise and train the student on all aspects of water quality testing.

  2. Intern Description: Constructed Wetland Design and Operations
    BSI is seeking a student interested in working hands-on with a constructed wetland (CWL) for an aquaculture facility. The CWL acts as a waste treatment system by removing and storing the waste generated. The waste can then be used as a land applied fertilizer for crop production. The CWL consist of a collection sump, a series of lined primary CWL, and multiple secondary treatment beds. The student will be responsible in assisting BSI staff in monitoring aquatic plants within the CWL and balancing proper flows to secondary treatment areas. This would give students the opportunity to learn water quality analysis and understand all levels of regulations regarding agricultural point source discharge.

  3. Intern Description: Fish Breeding and Culturing
    BSI is seeking a student to assist staff in daily hatchery operations. Duties would include helping in spawning of Tilapia fish, collecting, sorting and feeding young fish. Assisting in record keeping, monitoring of fry production and water quality. The student would be exposed to cutting edge genetic research and will have the opportunity to follow the production cycle of the fish from the grow-out system to harvesting.

  4. Intern Description: Alternative Crop Research for Aquaponics System
    BSI is seeking a student to assist staff in alternative crop research for an aquaponics system. Alternative crop research may include; new hydroponic plant crops, alternative fresh water species, freshwater shrimp research, market research, alternative growing media and techniques. The student will receive hands-on training and guidance from BSI staff.

  5. Intern Description: Integrated Pest Management
    Looking for a student interested in sustainable agriculture and alternative pest control methods to help with an ongoing IPM project. Duties include care and maintenance of interior plantings with an eye for aesthetics as well as establishing a habitat for beneficial insects, scouting for pest and beneficial insects, trapping insects on sticky cards and tracking populations, releasing beneficial insects and using least toxic methods to control pests. You will learn to identify several major greenhouse pests and what commercially available bio-controls can be used for their control, as well as cultural and least toxic options for pest control.
Interested applicants should e-mail a cover letter and a resume to jobs@bioshelters.com
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